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Home Hook Up Wire
Hook Up Wire Print
Hook-up wire is a necessity for electronic circuit
prototyping, assembly,and repair jobs.This convenient package of electrical hook-up wire is ideal for improving the speed and quality of tools wire and appliances, avionics, computer and network, and applications in serveral environments.
Hook-up wire can be used in point to point connection, wiring in panels and meter andespecially equipments. Color code your electrical signals with this multi-color hook-up wire bundle. Bare and tin coating wire are available depending on type of usage. Tin coating on the wire eliminates copper oxidation problems and makessoldering jobs easier. The 32 gauge diameter also makes this an ideal hook-up wirefor making custom circuit jumper wires. We offer insulation PVC hook-up wire with rated temperature 300 Volt and 600 Volt. Insulation material XLPE are also available.

Electrical Hook-Up Wire Specifications
Color: white / blue / brown / green / yellow / orange / grey / violet / black / red
Solid single strand = 10 - 32 AWG
Rated temperature = max 105°C
Rated voltage: 300V - 600V
Current range: 3.0A - 35.0A
PVC insulation
Comply to RoHS requirement
Resistant to asid, oil, alkaline, moisture and fungus
Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test