• Changes in USB 3.0
    New cable USB 3.0 Have released. Here's come with the changes... SuperSpeed/Dual-bus architecture/Dual-simplex/Support for higher power/Better power management
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    We supply also customized Halogen Free cable for you
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    We at Pan International Wire and Cable provide customized wire all instances and always provide the best service. Our initiative to decrease lead times, offering best method packaging or spools sizes, or providing delivery schedule for on time delivery.
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    Customizing your low voltage cable with special OEM requirement...contact us now.
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Manufacturing Plant
Pan - International Wire and Cable Sdn. Bhd. is a well known leader in custom wire and cable development, design, and manufacturing. Our large production capacity and complicated equipment gives us a flexibility to produce supreme product. In order to position ourselves to prepare for the future, we continuously make significant technology investments, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment. We provide custom solutions for your request in wire and cable requirements. Not only that our products aremanufactured to the most rigid UL and CSA requirements, but we have the ability to produce economically proto lots of custom cable in a specific length at our facilities too.
Custom made cable and private-label options are our specialty. As a direct result of utilizing the highest quality materials, manufacturing methods, QA protocols, and testing methods, our bulk wire and cable is of extremely high reliability. We maintain an exclusive inventory of electronic and electrical wire and cable and can ship with fastest lead time possible. We also provide a wide range of value-added services such as: Coiled cables, Ring marking of insulation, Custom color of sheath, Braiding and Spiral copper shielding, Extrusion, Twisting, Custom Marking & Printing, as well as custom packaging to your precise requirements.


wp479 braiding machines
Extrusion Line Braiding Machines
wp473 img_3581
Spiralling Machines Quality Control Laboratory
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38 Carrier Wrapping Machine Production Line
wp480 img_4836
Raw Material Store Wrapping Section


Stranding Section
Tinning Section
Wire Drawing Machines (Medium)
Wire Drawing Machines (Fine/ S.Fine)