Coil Cable Print

Coiled cords and cables consist of a wire wound around a tubular axis. There are many types of coiled cords. Examples include coiled extension cords, custom coiled cords, and automotive coiled cords. Custom coiled cords are designed according to a customers specifications. Automotive coil cords are cords that are used in automobiles.

Coiled cords and cables consist of two parts: conducting and insulating materials. Coiled cords and cables have a conducting material inside and an insulating and jacketing material outside. Other types of coiled cords and cables are commonly available. Coiled cords and cables are specified according to the diameter of cables and cords used. Rubber coiled cords and retractable
cables are stocked in 10 ft. and 20 ft. extended lengths. These coiled retractable cables have good chemical and abrasion qualities and can retract well. However, these retractable cables are heavier than their thermo elastomer counterparts.

Coil cords and cables are designed and manufactured according to various industry specifications such as axial length, retracted length, extended length, tangential length, diameter of cable, and diameter of coiled cords. Custom coiled cords can extend up to 60 ft. In multicolored coiled cords, each color signifies different function of the coil and cable. Coiled cords and cables are used in many applications. Examples include automated equipment, generators, RVs, robotics, stage lighting, hand tools, soldering irons, and portable appliances. Coiled cords and cables should adhere to custom electronic and electric cable MFG standards.